Mobile operating system reviews

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are the product of a technological revolution, which redefines and sweeps the digital world. Today, we cannot do without smartphones, because smartphones play an important role in redefining the way we obtain information and communicate with others. And smartphones are completely useless garbage, there is no proper mobile operating system, mobile operating system.

As specially designed software that runs on smartphones and other mobile devices, mobile operating systems play an important role in the normal operation of any mobile device. Like PCs with many different types of operating systems, smartphones can run different operating systems or different versions.

When buying a new phone on the market, many people pay less attention to the mobile operating systems, are and are more concerned with price, screen, memory, battery life, and camera. But in fact, the choice of the mobile phone to buy has a lot to do with the mobile operating system of the mobile phone.

In the current market, there are almost 100 mobile operating systems to choose from. But next, we will explore the top 5 main factors that currently govern the kingdom and compare several different factors. After that, you can better understand the mobile operating system, and the next time you buy a brand new phone on the market, you will find that it is much easier to choose the right phone with the right mobile operating system.

List of top five mobile operating systems

  1. Android operating system
  2. Apple iOS
  3. Windows Mobile operating system
  4. Blackberry mobile phone operating system
  5. Sailfish operating system

Android operating system

Android operating system
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The Android mobile operating system is an open-source mobile operating system supported by the Linux Kernel developed by Google. It is mainly programmed by C, C++, and Java, and is mainly designed for touch screen mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets). Since its release, it has been Google’s champion mobile operating system, and there has been no sign of backing down. More importantly, it is by far the most important mobile operating system in the world.

Application, UI and user experience

By providing a large number of productivity applications and a flexible user interface, Android can serve users well.

In terms of applications, this mobile operating system comes with the Google Play store, where users can search for and download applications on their phones. Unlike iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry OS, Android is an open-source mobile operating system that any user and developer can use, change and modify for free, so users are allowed to develop applications (especially third-party applications) as the default option. Therefore, in terms of quantity, its applications and Google Play store far exceed the other top four mobile operating systems.

Regarding the user interface, the Android mobile operating system provides users with a flexible user interface that runs smoothly and is easy to manage and control. Compared with iOS and other closed-source mobile operating systems, it has a more flexible user interface, allowing any user to set their own layout on the home screen and add any custom widgets and shortcuts.

Another amazing UI feature that is most popular with Android mobile OS is multitasking. Android’s multitasking allows the OS to run multiple applications simultaneously in the background. Android itself controls a lot of multitasking. This feature allows you to switch between applications, making the operation more convenient and efficient.


As mentioned earlier, the Android mobile operating system is an open-source operating system that makes it more flexible in application development and UI personalized settings and is more popular in device manufacturing. Therefore, compared with other closed-source mobile operating systems (such as iOS and Blackberry OS), it has higher customization features, allowing users and developers to develop their own applications and set personalized UI layouts.

Latest News

In terms of updates, the Android mobile operating system actually provides inconsistent and delayed software and operating system updates. As related surveys show, only about 8% of Android devices run the latest version of Android 10. This number is actually very low. Although Google tried to solve this problem by introducing Project Treble and other improvements, its efforts were far from enough.

Ensure users

Due to the lack of fast updates, the Android mobile operating system is much less secure than the other 4 mobile operating systems (especially Apple’s iOS). Indeed, Google has been criticized for not always making Android truly safe.

As the report shows, the Android mobile operating system is most vulnerable to malware, viruses, and serious hackers (such as Stagefright and Certifi-gate). No wonder it has a poor reputation for security-it is lagging behind in the updated world and is still running software that has been around for many years.


Due to its highly competitive scale and diversity, the cost of mobile devices supported by the Android mobile operating system is reasonable, and it is possible to make itself cheaper than ordinary devices running other mobile operating systems. In addition, because Android provides free applications and customization options, it is the main operating system option for budget-conscious individuals.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS
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iOS is a special mobile operating system developed by Apple. So far, it is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, and in terms of mobile operating systems, it is currently the strongest competitor to Android. The mobile operating system uses Objective-C for encoding and is a completely closed source code designed specifically for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Application, UI and user experience

Just like the Android mobile operating system, iOS also enjoys a good user base because it provides users (individuals and businesses) with a beautiful UI that is easy to manage, and an easy-to-operate platform and software.

In terms of applications, iOS is accompanied by its unique Apple store, which provides users with a large number of different feature-rich applications. It is worth noting that the platform comes with many productivity applications, which may be useful tools for businesses and office workers.

However, unlike the open-source Android mobile operating system, iOS is designed for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Therefore, it has a unique unified UI in all applications, and it comes with Apple’s proprietary applications.

In addition, the closed source function also makes multitasking in iOS completely different from its competitor Android mobile OS. Unlike Android’s multitasking, which allows a complete application to run in the background at once, iOS’s multitasking allows an application to make certain functions run in the background at the same time (saving state).


The iOS mobile operating system is different from the open-source Android, so it has high customization features, while the iOS mobile operating system is open-source, so it is limited in terms of application, UI, and device customization. Its application is completely unique to Apple, its user interface is unique, and its device is completely designed by Apple.

This means that you will not be able to make major changes and modifications to iOS device functions (such as developing third-party applications). In other words, you cannot get the same degree of freedom as Android on iOS.

Latest News

Compared with the other 4 mobile operating systems (especially its biggest competitor Android mobile operating system), Apple’s iOS performs very well in terms of updates. Unlike the poorly updated Android, Apple’s iOS can control updates and provide consistent and timely software updates for all iOS devices. Currently, the latest iOS version can run about 70% on all iOS devices.

Ensure users

Among the top five mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS is the most prestigious operating system in terms of security. On the one hand, Apple’s mobile operating system’s strict protection of its proprietary applications and the ability to roll out updates to all of its devices in a timely manner enhance its security.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS by their application (such as iMessage) encrypted personal data to give priority to user privacy, and has been providing innovative security features for its users, especially Touch ID and face recognition sign-in iPhone X And later.


In addition to its custom limitations, the main disadvantage of iOS is that its equipment is very expensive. This is because iOS devices are in the high-end market in terms of quality, functionality, and technology. Relatively speaking, compared with the other 4 mobile OS platforms, the price of iOS is much cheaper. For those on a budget, using iOS mobile devices does cost a lot of money. However, if you decide to buy a mobile device from Apple, iOS is your only option.

Windows Mobile operating system

Windows Mobile operating system
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There is no doubt that almost everyone is very accustomed to the Windows used in computers and PCs. Just like PC Windows, Windows mobile OS is also developed by Microsoft and is only used for mobile phones. It uses Visual C#/C+ for coding and has all the characteristics of a PC system, so it is definitely one of the best mobile operating systems for smooth operation. It is open source and is currently mainly used in new Nokia mobile phones.

Application, UI and user experience

Like the other 4 mobile operating systems, the Windows mobile operating system has a colorful and user-friendly interface, which is easy to control and runs smoothly. What makes it unique is its easy integration with Windows programs, especially Microsoft Office, making it a popular choice for business people.


Windows Mobile is considered to be the most flexible mobile OS in the closed source OS series. Unlike other closed-source mobile operating systems (such as iOS and Blackberry) that can only run exclusively on these brands of mobile phones, the Windows mobile operating system can be used on multiple types of mobile phones. This is because Microsoft sells Windows Mobile to many mobile phone manufacturers. You can see the recent Nokia Lumia, Samsung Focus, and HTC Titan2. They are all driven by Windows Mobile.

Update and security

The Windows Mobile operating system consistently releases updates in a prompt manner. The update keeps it away from malware, viruses, and hacker attacks, thus making it fairly safe. Moreover, due to its low market penetration, it is less exposed to network security threats, making it safer to use.


In terms of cost, the range of devices supported by the Windows mobile operating system is very wide. However, most of them are affordable. Equipment for staff is cheaper and within your budget. Relatively speaking, compared with Apple devices, the cost of Windows mobile devices is definitely much lower.

BlackBerry operating system

BlackBerry Operating System
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Blackberry OS is a proprietary mobile operating system developed by BlackBerry Ltd., owned by RIM, for the Blackberry mobile device series. It is coded in Java, first released in 1999, and is one of the oldest mobile operating systems. It is mainly designed for business applications.

Application, UI and user experience

Like Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, the Blackberry mobile OS is easy to control when running. However, its user interface is completely different from other mobile operating systems.

It is worth noting that some devices powered by Blackberry still retain a physical keyboard instead of using a virtual touch screen. This makes them attractive to those who have difficulty using smart touch screens. More importantly, it combines productivity tools to suit the personal lives of business people rather than consumers. This makes it a dream of information technology.


Just like Apple’s iOS, the BlackBerry operating system is open-source, which makes it only available on BlackBerry phones. In other words, it cannot be used by any other third-party manufacturer.

Update and security

Unlike the Android mobile operating system, BlackBerry has done a good job of updating its powered BlackBerry devices. In terms of security, it has won a good reputation in terms of security because it is almost immune to every virus. It integrates Goog Technology’s secure container, which makes it more secure.


Compared with the more expensive Apple iOS devices and Android mobile devices, Blackberry-based mobile devices are much cheaper.

Sailfish Operating System

Sailfish OS is an open-source and independent mobile operating system based on Linux. It is mainly aimed at smartphones. It has become an excellent alternative to the current mainstream mobile operating system.

Application, UI and customizability

Just like the other 4 mobile operating systems, Sailfish mobile operating system is also very easy to operate and control through a simple user interface. But as far as applications are concerned, it installs very few applications. To better access different applications, you need the support of the Android mobile operating system.

Just like Android, Sailfish OS is an open-source mobile operating system that can be customized to other third-party manufacturers. Therefore, it has a flexible user interface and a personalized home screen.

Update and security

Like Apple iOS and Blackberry OS, Sailfish OS is also very good in terms of updates and security. It comes with a strong security system to prevent malware, hackers and viruses.


Compared with high-end Android and Apple iOS devices, Sailfish mobile devices are much cheaper.

So which mobile operating system is best for your next smartphone?

The mobile operating system plays an extremely important role in the normal operation of any smartphone. When looking for a new smartphone, the choice of which smartphone to buy really has a lot to do with the mobile operating system. Now, you must understand the top 5 major mobile phone operating systems out there. But which one is best for your new smartphone? It depends on the situation.

If you plan to buy Apple devices, iOS is the backbone. Moreover, you can get Apple’s unique beautiful UI and excellent security for your next phone. However, if you are considering a new phone specifically for business applications, Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS may be good choices. If you want flexibility and excellent security at the same time, Sailfish OS may also be a good choice. However, until then, considering flexibility, application ecosystem, and customization, Android is undoubtedly the way to go for most individuals.

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