Will Apple get rid of the charger cable in the iPhone box

According to a report released by 9to5Mac, Apple recently conducted an after-sales survey on some iPhone 12 users, asking them whether and how long they would use the accessories included in the retail box, including iPhone charger cables, YES pop-up caps, and Apple stickers. and how their condition faces recognition attendance.

Obviously, after the iPhone 12 is marketed without a charger and a free pair of EarPods, Apple seems to be at a loss immediately, considering some major changes in the future iPhone box. In fact, the American giant always tends to conduct a survey of upcoming changes to its products among a small percentage of its users.

Recall that before the release of the iPhone 12, Apple conducted a similar survey with a small number of users, investigating the use of the USB charger bundled with the iPhone at the time. After a while, the iPhone 12 was on the market and shipped without a charger. Now, in a new survey that considers the use of accessories in the iPhone 12 box, it appears that Apple may consider doing the same with the charging cable and other accompanying accessories.

The question here is, will Apple exclude the charger cable from the future iPhone box? Well, the answer is uncertain, because the survey is not a guarantee, nor can it prove anything. However, Apple is likely to remove USB-C from the upcoming iPhone 13 to the Lightning charging cable. Read on to understand why.

Apple always tends to push the iPhone to wireless

Apple always tends to push the iPhone to wireless
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The biggest reason why Apple is likely to abandon the iPhone charger cable in the future iPhone box is the future of the iPhone and even all mobile phones. In other words, it is the future wireless iPhone that fuels all of Apple’s controversial and surprising decision to exclude some supplementary accessories from the retail box.

In fact, there is no doubt that the future of mobile phones will move towards wireless, and Apple has always been leading the trend, pushing the industry to wireless development by first making some major changes to its iPhone. The Cupertino technology giant is actually already building a building block from wireless headset connection to wireless charging, and the product will be launched soon and is completely wireless.

Wireless headset connection

In terms of headphone connection, Apple has made some controversial changes, such as canceling the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone X and releasing a pair of free EarPods from the iPhone 12 box, which helps to switch to wireless Headphone connection.

Recall that the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack did push Apple to launch its most successful product in years- AirPods, a pair of TWS wireless Bluetooth headsets. Moreover, this breakthrough product has indeed stimulated the ability of many headset manufacturers to produce and sell counterfeit AirPods and other wireless headsets, which makes the industry move towards wireless development in the context of headset connection.

Going back to the recent removal of free EarPods from the iPhone 12 box, this move has further promoted more iPhone users, especially new iPhone users who choose to buy Apple’s AirPods series, which makes the iPhone further go wireless in terms of earphone connection.

Wireless charging

Just like abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack and a pair of free wired EarPods, which helps the iPhone to achieve wireless connection in the headphone connection, Apple decided not to include a charger for the iPhone 12, and it is likely to replace the basic USB-C Leave it to Lightning to charge. The cable in the iPhone box of the future actually paves the way for a fully charged iPhone.

By abandoning the charger in the iPhone 12 box, Apple is actually further promoting wireless charging. This change will allow the user to switch from some iPhone wired charger wireless charger such as Apple iPhone introduced in the 12 series of Apple MagSafe wireless charger for charging and connection fitting.

In order to further push the iPhone into the field of wireless charging, Apple is likely to exclude the iPhone charging cable, which is essential for future iPhone charging.

The upcoming iPhone 13 may not have a charging port

In addition, according to a recent report, the company stated that a leaker from Apple pointed out that Apple is ready for its portless iPhone plan. This means that next year’s iPhone 13 may not have a Lightning charging port.

If the next-generation iPhone is not equipped with a charging port, it will not be able to work with any smartphone chargers and charging cables, which means that chargers and charging cables are no longer needed. If this is the case, the iPhone will become completely wireless, which will even make it impossible to use any wired headset with the iPhone.

At this point, you may be wondering if Apple has the ability to make portless iPhones work properly through wireless headset connection and wireless charging. In fact, the American giant is already preparing for the migration to a portless iPhone.

It has developed and sold a variety of wireless accessories, from wireless headphones to wireless chargers, which will be used with the upcoming iPhone without a charging port. Following the pace of Apple, many manufacturers have produced their own wireless headsets and wireless chargers, so that there is a sufficient supply of wireless accessories in the market.

In other words, when the portless iPhone comes out, buyers are ready for it, because they already have or will be able to buy a large number of wireless accessories from wireless headphones to wireless chargers, which will be well compatible with the iPhone. No port iPhone.

Therefore, it is very likely that Apple can take out the iPhone charger cable from the box of the upcoming iPhone 13. After all, on the one hand, Apple has always tended to push the iPhone to wireless, from wireless headset connection to wireless charging. On the other hand, next year’s iPhone 13 is likely to have no ports, which means that iPhone charging cables are no longer needed.

If you exclude more accessories, Apple can save costs

Another reason why Apple may delete other things in the upcoming iPhone packaging (including iPhone charger cable, SIM card ejector, and Apple logo sticker) maybe that Apple intends to cut some costs by excluding some of the more expensive accessories Add to the next generation iPhone.

If you remember, you will find that part of the reason for removing the charger and free EarPods from the iPhone 12 this year is to reduce the increase in the cost of integrated components, thereby reducing some costs. 5G technology to maintain the same price as the iPhone 11

Like this, under the guidance of the survey results, Apple may decide to exclude the necessary USB-C to Lightning charging cable or any other bundled accessories from the upcoming iPhone box to reduce the cost of certain components added to the new technology. cost. The new iPhone.

Apple can make some extra profits by selling accessories separately

If next year’s iPhone 13 still has a charging port but does not come with an iPhone charging cable, part of Apple’s decision is that its intention is to promote demand for its MagSafe wireless charger and to obtain some additional profits by selling the product separately. Charging cable.

After all, an iPhone without a wired charger and USB-C to Lightning charging cable is an invitation for iPhone users, especially new iPhone users, who happen to not have any iPhone charger or charging cable to purchase Apple’s charger separately. Charging cables and even consider trying Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger. If this is the case, Apple will greatly promote the demand for its wireless accessories and make more money.

If the future iPhone does not come with a charging cable, then new iPhone comers may eventually buy Apple’s official charging cable, because the USB-C to Lightning cable from a third-party manufacturer is less standardized and the quality is not reliable.

Apple can help reduce the environmental impact of redundant electronics

As we all know, Apple is one of the champions of environmental protection. Recalling Apple’s official reasons for excluding iPhone 12 chargers and EarPods, it stated that its decision was to help reduce the environmental impact of redundant electronic devices.

Therefore, Apple is likely to also abandon the charger cable, and even abandon the SIM card ejector and logo stickers to help reduce electronic waste in the environment.

The reason why the iPhone comes with the charger, charging cable, and EarPods may cause redundant electronic devices in the environment because the vast majority of smartphone users there already have many charging accessories that can be used with the iPhone.

Moreover, a large number of iPhone buyers, especially old iPhone users, already have some chargers and charging cables that came with their old iPhones.


A recent after-sales survey conducted by Apple shows that among the few iPhone 12 users who use the iPhone charger cable and other accompanying accessories, Apple still has not guaranteed that Apple will indeed exclude the charging cable from the future iPhone packaging. However, it does provide some suggestions and increases the possibility of exploring this.

And because Apple has always been inclined to push the iPhone into the wireless field, hoping to cut some costs, gain more profits and fight for environmental protection, it is likely to exclude the charging cable from the iPhone in the near future. In any case, although this is just a rumor, the only thing we can do is wipe our eyes and wait

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